Looking Like Myself Again

Has Sex Become Painful? Could Cosmetic Gynecology Help?

If you've found yourself avoiding sex with your partner or spouse recently because the process is simply too painful, you may be suffering from one of any number of problems that can constrict the vaginal walls, prevent lubrication, or otherwise make sex less than enjoyable. Over time and without treatment, the physical issues causing painful sex could cause you and your partner to drift apart or begin affecting other areas of your mental and emotional health. Read More 

Avoid Doing These 3 Things and Protect Your Skin

When it comes to taking care of the human body, most people tend to think of eating well and exercising in order to keep internal organs like the heart and lungs healthy. But your body technically has another "organ" that you likely don't spend much time thinking about: your skin. Even if you don't have the time for an intensive skin care routine with multiple moisturizers, you can still do yourself a lot of good by avoiding activities that can be damaging to your body's largest organ. Read More 

Recovering From Facelift Surgery

Making the decision to have facelift surgery isn't something that's typically taken lightly. While facelift surgery can remove visible signs of aging and lift sagging skin, it's not an overnight process — which can be discouraging to some people. So, before you have facelift surgery, it's important that you know what to expect during the recovery process so that you aren't discouraged when you don't see immediate results. Right After Your Surgery Read More 

2 Facial Treatments To Help Calm Skin Following A Microneedling Session

The constant wear and tear of the external elements can eventually take a toll on your skin. This often results in wrinkles and fine lines in your skin. Microneedling is often recommended as a quick and simple solution for correcting these imperfections. The procedure involves puncturing your skin with fine needles. The wound that the needles create is designed to remove the old skin and regenerate new and vibrant skin. While microneedling is not extremely painful, it can still result in redness and irritation due to the puncture wounds. Read More 

Look Fabulous Every Day With These 3 Upscale At-Home Beauty Services

Ever wonder how the rich and famous look beautiful all the time? Well, they have lots of help and no shortage of money. You may not have all their money and connections, but you can live and look like they do thanks to personal beauty and style consultants. Several at-home beauty services are becoming more affordable, and busy, powerful women have been quick to take notice. In fact, the personal shopping/personal stylist industry brings in more than a $750 million a year. Read More 

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Looking Like Myself Again

About a year ago, I realized that I was really starting to look my age. I had sagging skin, loads of wrinkles, and age spots galore. It was embarrassing, so I decided to meet with a cosmetic surgeon to help me to troubleshoot my appearance. They were a lot of help. They went through, told me all of my options, and worked hard to give me the look that I used to have. This blog is for anyone out there who has ever considered plastic surgery. With the help of your doctor, you can look like yourself again and feel a lot younger.