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Has Sex Become Painful? Could Cosmetic Gynecology Help?

If you've found yourself avoiding sex with your partner or spouse recently because the process is simply too painful, you may be suffering from one of any number of problems that can constrict the vaginal walls, prevent lubrication, or otherwise make sex less than enjoyable. Over time and without treatment, the physical issues causing painful sex could cause you and your partner to drift apart or begin affecting other areas of your mental and emotional health. Read on to learn more about some of the causes of painful sex as well as how cosmetic gynecology may be able to help.

What could be the cause of the pain and discomfort you're feeling during sex? 

There are several relatively common issues affecting the vagina that can cause painful sex. The first is vaginismus, an involuntary spasming of the vaginal walls that is often triggered by pressure and making sex or even foreplay all but impossible. If you have noticed that your symptoms seem to only manifest themselves as soon as penetration begins, or if you have trouble engaging in sex at all because you simply can't physically force Tab A into Slot B, you may be dealing with vaginismus. 

Another potential cause of discomfort during sex could be loose skin around the labia and clitoral hood. This can be common after weight loss or when the hormonal changes of menopause affect the tautness of your skin. Excess skin over the clitoral hood can affect sensation, while excess skin around the labia may even cause pain if this skin is rubbing or pulling during intercourse.

Could cosmetic gynecology help fix your bedroom problems? 

Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic procedures designed for the gynecological area aren't always just to improve appearance or self-esteem but are often done to solve problems and bodily changes that can affect one's sexual health. If you once enjoyed an active sex life but your recent more painful experiences have sent you running for a cold shower, you may want to visit a cosmetic gynecologist for an examination and to determine whether surgery could help. 

Two procedures, labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction, allow the surgeon to carefully trim away excess skin that may be impeding sensation or causing pain, leaving you with a reshaped and rejuvenated vaginal area. Other procedures can include periodic Botox injections near the vaginal walls to prevent painful spasms or even laser surgery to tighten the vaginal walls more permanently. 

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