Looking Like Myself Again

Ancient Egypt: The Secret Origin Of Some Of The Most Successful Aesthetic Skin Care Techniques

If you are dedicated to your skin's health and appearance, you almost certainly follow a regiment that combines both at-home and professional dermatology procedures. Did you know that some of the very treatments that you use, including dermabrasion, phototherapy, and bee products, have roots that are thousands of years old and traceable to ancient Egyptian skin care? These tried-and-true methods have proven skin care benefits, and the ancient Egyptians were more than ahead of their time. Read More 

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Looking Like Myself Again

About a year ago, I realized that I was really starting to look my age. I had sagging skin, loads of wrinkles, and age spots galore. It was embarrassing, so I decided to meet with a cosmetic surgeon to help me to troubleshoot my appearance. They were a lot of help. They went through, told me all of my options, and worked hard to give me the look that I used to have. This blog is for anyone out there who has ever considered plastic surgery. With the help of your doctor, you can look like yourself again and feel a lot younger.