Looking Like Myself Again

Look Fabulous Every Day With These 3 Upscale At-Home Beauty Services

Ever wonder how the rich and famous look beautiful all the time? Well, they have lots of help and no shortage of money. You may not have all their money and connections, but you can live and look like they do thanks to personal beauty and style consultants. Several at-home beauty services are becoming more affordable, and busy, powerful women have been quick to take notice. In fact, the personal shopping/personal stylist industry brings in more than a $750 million a year. Other at-home or concierge beauty services are also becoming more popular. Following are three upscale services that will make you feel famous. 

Personal Makeup Artist

If you want someone to come to your house and do your hair and makeup every day or for a special occasion, it can happen. If your pockets are deep enough that is. While prices vary, you can expect to spend $60 to $150 each time you have someone come out. However, you may be able to negotiate some sort of discount if you purchase a package for so many days per week or month. If you can't afford an artist every day, you can purchase tutorials in your own home so you can recreate the look yourself. 

Personal Stylist and Shopper

If you don't know how to dress and don't have time to shop, a personal stylist and shopper can outfit your wardrobe and make you look fabulous. Personal stylists use their expertise to find clothes that fit your style, personality, and body type. Then, they make purchases on your behalf. All you have to do is don the clothes they pick out. You really don't have to think about what you're going to wear at all when you have a stylist.

Cosmetic Surgery Concierge

Do you want a plastic surgeon on speed dial? Well, you can have one. Some surgeons are offering concierge or boutique packages where they come to your home and perform non-surgical procedures, such as Botox, fillers, and facials. If you would like to have these services performed regularly and don't want to have to go to the office each and every time, look into purchasing a concierge package. 

If you want to look beautiful without leaving the comfort of your own home, let the professionals come to you. At-home cosmetic procedures, makeup application, hair styling, and fashion styling are becoming more popular and increasingly affordable for people outside of Hollywood. 

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Looking Like Myself Again

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