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The Benefits Of Float Therapy

Float therapy, also called sensory deprivation therapy or isolation therapy, involves floating in a tank or pool that is filled with water and Epsom salt for a prolonged period of time. If you have never tried float therapy, you may be wondering what the benefits associated with this practice are. Read on to learn more about some of the key benefits associated with float therapy. 

Float Therapy Can Help to Decrease Stress and Anxiety

One of the benefits associated with float therapy is that float therapy can help to decrease stress and anxiety in the body. As you are floating in the water, you may feel the stress and anxiety melt away from you. You are able to shut out the busy world as you float and simply focus on yourself. In addition to decreasing stress and anxiety, you may be in a better mood after floating and may sleep better after float therapy. 

Float Therapy May Help Relieve Pain and Inflammation

Another benefit associated with float therapy is that it may help to relieve pain and inflammation in the body. It is believed that both floating and Epsom salts in the water help. As you float, you take all of the weight off of your joints and bones. This can help to decrease pain and swelling. In addition to this, Epsom salts have long been used by athletes and medical professionals to decrease swelling and ease pain. 

Float Therapy Can Help Improve Circulation

One of the lesser-known benefits associated with float therapy is that this type of therapy can actually help to improve circulation in your body. As you are floating and are able to take pressure off of your body, your blood vessels are able to fully dilate. This allows blood to circulate properly, maximizing the amount of oxygen and red blood that your body receives. This has also been shown to temporarily help to lower blood pressure. 

Float Therapy Encourages Thinking and Creativity

The final benefit of float therapy is that it encourages meditation, thinking, and creativity. Many people are able to detach from all of the stimulation they have around them, including work, smartphones, and television, and reflect as they float. This allows for more internal thinking and creative thinking. If you want some time alone just to think about things, floating can be a great place to think and meditate. 

Float therapy is becoming more and more popular because there are many benefits associated with this type of relaxation technique. Float therapy can help to decrease stress and anxiety, may relieve pain and inflammation in the body, helps to improve circulation, and encourages thinking and creativity. If you want to experience float therapy, reach out to a local facility that offers float therapy in your area. 

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