Looking Like Myself Again

5 Ways Anti-aging Skin Fillers Give Your Face a More Youthful Appearance

If you'd like to avoid a surgical facelift, you might try anti-aging skin fillers first. Fillers have several benefits over surgery, and you can get similar results unless your wrinkles and sagging are too advanced. A dermatologist or a cosmetic service such as Capitis Medical and Aesthetics can evaluate your skin and let you know if skin fillers are appropriate, and if so, what type of fillers you should get. Here's how anti-aging skin fillers work to give you a more youthful appearance.

1. Fillers Minimize Wrinkles

Anti-aging skin fillers work on wrinkles that botulinum toxin injections can't help. This includes the deep marionette lines near your nose and mouth. The dermatologist injects the filler into the wrinkle and massages it around so the plumps up the wrinkle and makes it much less visible.

The dermatologist can choose a few different types of fillers to smooth wrinkles in various locations on your face, neck, and hands. You'll have a more youthful appearance when your skin is smooth and free from deep furrows that come with age.

2. Skin Fillers Lift Sagging Skin

A dermatologist can inject fillers to plump areas of your face near sagging skin. By plumping the area, sagging skin is pulled tighter and lifted. Injecting fillers requires skill and experience to create a natural look and to get the anti-aging effect you want. The benefit of fillers is that you'll get instant results. Your skin will have a more youthful look as soon as you walk out of the office. There's not even any recovery time needed.

3. Fillers Plump Up Hollow Areas

One of the effects of aging is fat loss on your face. Fat loss can give you hollow cheeks and hollow areas under your eyes that make you look older. Your dermatologist can inject fillers to cause the hollows to plump up for a younger and more refreshed appearance.

4. Dermal Fillers Can Make Your Lips Plump

Thin lips can develop as you age. This happens due to a loss of fat in your lips as well as a loss of collagen. A dermatologist can inject dermal fillers into your lips to give them a plump appearance again. Having plump lips might help you feel prettier, and they add to the overall effect of having anti-aging skin fillers to help you look younger.

5. Skin Fillers Can Stimulate Collagen

Skin fillers wear off over time, so you need to replace them to maintain your lifted appearance. Some fillers can stimulate collagen production too. This helps improve your skin over the long term since collagen plumps your skin. You might want to ask your dermatologist about using a filler that has long-term effects to see if they're right for you.

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