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Getting Wrinkles On Your Face? 3 Treatment Options To Help You

If you are getting wrinkles on your face, you need to start now getting these things treated. It is much easier to take care of wrinkles when they first start to appear so they do not get deep. Fortunately, there are many treatments that can provide this for you, two of which are listed below.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

With laser skin resurfacing, a laser is used to help remove wrinkles. This will also remove things like acne scars, tighten your skin, and help with pigmentation problems. The technician uses a laser that directs pulsating beams of light at the wrinkled area. This vaporizes the layers of your skin leaving behind much younger-looking skin. This will also stimulate collagen to grow, which can help make your skin look firmer and smoother. This is generally not very painful and requires no downtime. You will have to have this redone every few weeks. 

There is a more intense laser resurfacing technique called deeper ablative where more layers of skin are removed. This is painful, so this does require you to have a local anesthetic or you may be sedated intravenously. After this treatment, you will have very red, tender skin that will take a couple of weeks to go away. This treatment does work better at removing wrinkles. One big benefit of deeper layer skin resurfacing is it will last much longer than standard resurfacing.


Botox is often used to treat wrinkles. This freezes your muscles making the wrinkles smooth and may completely disappear. The doctor injects the Botox into the wrinkled area. This is not very painful, and you can leave the doctor's office as soon as it is finished. 

Botox does not last forever, however, and you will have to return to have it redone to keep the wrinkles away. How long it lasts will depend on the type of wrinkles you have and how deep they were. This may be a few months up to a year. Because of this, Botox can get expensive over time. How much it costs depends on the dermatologist you see. After the treatment, you should not touch the area or wash your face for around the first day. You also need to stay out of the sun. 

A dermatologist can tell you of other treatment options you have to help you get rid of your wrinkles, such as using fillers and/or prescription creams.

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