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Hair Restoration Procedures and Considerations

Genetics play a role in pattern baldness and some men may notice thinning hair in their thirties. A hair transplant involves removing hair follicles and a graft of skin from one part of the head, face, or body and transplanting it to areas where hair is thin. If hair loss has affected your confidence level, consider which type of transplant will provide you with the results desired and prepare for the procedure.

Follicular Extraction

A follicular extraction procedure is less invasive than a standard transplant. With this type of procedure, a candidate will undergo an assessment, which will determine what part of the head or body hair will be removed from. Hair that is used for extraction purposes is typically removed from the head, face, or chest area.

A small incision is made around the hair follicles that will be contained within a graft. Each graft may be small in size and several of these grafts may need to be transplanted to a client's head. Because small incisions are made, scarring will be kept to a minimum and discomfort during the healing process will not be severe.

Follicular Transplantation

A follicular transplantation procedure is often recommended for clients who are enduring moderate to severe hair loss. Hair follicles that are used for transplant purposes are removed from a portion of the head, face, or body where hair is thick. A long incision is made and many hair follicles are contained within the graft that will be used during the transplant. Because a longer incision is made than with an extraction procedure, scarring may be more evident. Long hair that surrounds the grafted skin will eventually conceal scars.

A Gradual Transformation

With either restoration process, it will take time for transplanted follicles to show signs of regrowth. An individual will undergo a gradual transformation. During an initial consultation, a client will be given information about how the procedure will be performed and any visible differences that they may encounter after a surgical procedure is performed. 

An anesthetic will be administered, before a surgical procedure. This will result in a numbing sensation that will block pain. Hair that surrounds the area where a transplant will be performed may need to be shaved. This will allow a surgeon to accurately transplant the grafted skin. Upon deciding to have a transplant, a recipient may decide to purchase a toupee or hat that can be used to conceal their head while they are waiting for new hair to grow.

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