Looking Like Myself Again

Should You Choose A Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Is breast augmentation right for you? If you're not sure whether to schedule a consultation, take a look at the questions to ask right now.

Are You Healthy Enough for An Augmentation?

Your health is a top priority. If the surgeon doesn't feel you're healthy enough for the procedure, they won't perform the surgery. As an elective procedure, augmentation is an invasive surgery that isn't necessary for your overall health. This means you may need to make changes or wait to schedule the surgery if the doctor believes you're at risk for complications.

Talk to your doctor about whether your health may interfere with the surgical or healing processes. If you have an active infection and some types of serious illnesses, reconsider your augmentation plans.

Why Do You Want the Surgery?

There isn't one universal reason to choose an augmentation procedure. While there's no right answer, some reasons may impact the level of satisfaction you feel with the results. An augmentation done to impress a partner, spouse, or someone else isn't likely to have the effect on your relationship that you may expect. But if you want the augmentation purely for yourself, the surgery can help to boost your confidence.

Are You Breastfeeding?

Augmentation can impact your ability to breastfeed. Active nursing and surgical recovery don't mix. If you're still nursing, talk to your doctor about waiting to schedule your surgery. While you can't continue to nurse as you heal, implants may not stop you from breastfeeding in the future. The surgeon can help you to better understand your potential chances of successfully breastfeeding after surgery. If you plan to nurse in the future, discuss your options before you decide to schedule an augmentation.

Do You Have Realistic Expectations?

The doctor says you're healthy enough for surgery and you want implants for all the right reasons. You're ready to schedule the procedure—but do you have realistic expectations for the results? Even though augmentation will change the size of your breasts and shape of your breasts, this surgery won't add lift or stop sagging.

If you have concerns about the size, shape, and the placement of your breasts, ask the surgeon about a combination augmentation and lift. Implants and a breast lift can give you a full, youthful appearance. Your surgeon can explain the benefits of each procedure and why you might want to (or not want to) consider a combined surgery.

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