Looking Like Myself Again

Loving Your Mommy Body: Why Most Women Opt For Cosmetic Procedures After Having Children

There is this movement among women to embrace their bodies, to love their curves and flaws. That is certainly a body-positive movement everyone can get behind, but what if you just cannot get past what pregnancy and mommy-hood has done to your body? Sometimes it is okay to to say that you just do not like what has happened to the body you once loved, and that you really struggle to love what you have now. You should not feel guilty or ashamed for not liking the changes that pregnancy made to your body, and you should feel better about it in whatever way seems fitting to you. That is why the "mommy makeover" exists. Here is why most women opt for this set of procedures after they have finished having children. 

Too Much Sagging Flesh

A lot of women get tired of hearing how they should embrace the changes pregnancy made to their bodies and how they are amazing creatures for growing new life inside their own bodies. While the feat of creating new people inside one's body is undoubtedly amazing, it does not mean that this is something every woman loves looking at after the fact. The concept that "she has let herself go" is not something people want to embrace because it is not about "letting herself go."

It is what pregnancy does to the body, and repeated pregnancies do to the body, that makes it impossible to get that pre-first pregnancy body back. The result is a lot of sagging flesh around the hips, abdomen, and lower rib cage, not to mention the upper thighs and breasts. Pregnancy stretches out ALL of these areas, and the excess flesh is not going to magically shrink back, regardless of the amount of exercise and dieting any mom does. 

Wanting to Feel Attractive Again

The mommy makeover lifts and enhances your breasts, lifts your torso, removes extra abdominal flesh and fat, tucks your tummy muscles that have been stretched and torn out of shape, lifts your buttocks, and adds extra liposuction sculpting to your hips. It helps you feel more attractive again, and helps you return to a sense of confidence you may feel is lacking. A lot of women do not feel beautiful anymore after having children, and that is normal. If this describes you, you are not alone, but you also do not have to feel this way. Schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon like Ron Soltero MD FACS today. 

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Looking Like Myself Again

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