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Three Types Of Breast Augmentation Procedures, And Which One Is Best For You

When you think "breast augmentation," you automatically assume that this cosmetic procedure is a one-size-fits-all procedure. You would probably be very surprised to find out that "boob jobs" involve three similar but very unique cosmetic surgeries to augment the breasts. Each of these procedures is meant for particular patients of a certain age and breast tissue composition. Take a closer look. 

The Traditional Procedure

In this procedure, the patient is typically young, has never had children or been pregnant, does not have plans on becoming pregnant any time in the future, and has very firm breast tissue to begin with. That said, the cosmetic surgeon is able to create a pocket over the chest muscle wall and under each breast in which to insert an implant. Most implants are filled with saline now to protect the health of the patients, and prevent infection because saline is a sterile fluid that the body just absorbs anyway. (Some surgeons may still use silicone implants, but they are a disappearing breed.) As a result of placing the implants in the body this way, the breasts appear larger and fuller, and will remain that way unless or until the patient becomes pregnant. 

The Alternative Procedure

The alternative procedure places the implants under the muscles of the chest wall, which are behind the breasts. This approach is much more painful and uncomfortable because it forces the chest muscles to stretch to capacity over the implants. However, the results are impressive; the breasts are slightly lifted instead of slightly drooping, and misshapen or irregular breasts that are the result of the muscles behind them are corrected. This procedure is most often used for women in their mid-stages of life, or for women whose breasts have shrunk some or flattened out and drooped as a result of pregnancy and childbirth. 

The Breast Lift

A breast augmentation can also be realized through a breast lift. This procedure takes the mass of breast tissue a woman already has, lifts it, repositions the nipples, tacks the breast tissue upward to give the appearance of perky and full breasts, and forgoes the implants. Of course, if you also want implants, your surgeon can insert them, but most women really like the fact that their own natural breast tissue can be resculpted to give them the breast shape and size they are looking for. It also means that your breasts look and feel one-hundred-percent natural because they totally are. 

For more information thebreast augmentation procedure, talk to a cosmetic surgeon in your area.

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