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Want To Get Rid Of Your Spider Veins? Search For A Pain-Free And Effective Spider Vein Treatment

Do you have more spider veins on your legs than you can count? When they first appeared, they may not have been much of a problem for you. However, if these enlarged veins are suddenly starting to bother you and you are having some cosmetic concerns about the way they look on your legs, you probably want to know if there is any way for you to have them removed.

Why Do People Get Spider Veins?

Some people get spider veins and others do not, but there are several contributing factors you should know about because they could have an impact on your veins. Aging people have a greater chance of developing spider veins, but that does not mean young people cannot get them. In fact, pregnant women and those who are required to spend most of their time on their feet do have a greater chance of developing spider veins. If you work as a waitress or a cashier where you are standing for many hours in a row, the pressure applied to the legs could have caused your spider veins to appear. It is difficult to predict who will end up with them, but now that you know you have them on your legs, you may want to find a way to quickly get rid of them.

Is There a Pain-Free Way to Have Them Removed?

If the thought of having something done to your veins scares you because you think the experience will be a painful one, you should know that pain-free spider vein treatment options are available because of advanced technology. While sclerotherapy is the traditional approach used, many people seek an alternative to that treatment because the sclerotherapy procedure involves receiving injections that can cause some pain. If you want to avoid feeling any discomfort and are hoping to get rid of the spider veins, you may want to consider a laser treatment or cryo-sclerotherapy.

During a laser treatment, the physician will use a numbing agent to ensure that the patient does not feel any pain. Because there is still a small chance that you will experience some slight discomfort, you could always go for a completely pain-free method known as cryo-sclerotherapy. While the veins are injected with a type of solution that breaks them down and shrinks them back to size like they are during the sclerotherapy procedure, a device that keeps the skin cool is used throughout the entire treatment session. The cooling sensation will keep you from feeling any pain while the physician is inserting the injections into your veins to target them.

Are the Results Instantly Noticeable?

Not all results are instant, but most patients will start seeing a difference in a few weeks as those enlarged veins start shrinking. After one month has passed, you may no longer see the spider veins on your legs, but it will depend on how many spider veins you had and what they looked like before you had the treatment performed. Some people do not see the full effect of the treatment until about two months have passed. The treatment is still worth it because it will gradually get the spider veins to disappear.

If you have spider veins on your legs, you may want to get them removed without experiencing any pain. There are pain-free treatment options available. One of the updated treatment options that many people prefer is the cryo-sclerotherapy, a technique that involves both injections and a cooling device to keep the legs comfortable throughout the procedure. The treatment is effective and will work well at eliminating the spider veins for you, so it is something you should talk about with a medical professional if you are truly interested in getting rid of the spider veins.

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