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Reasons To Choose Transumbilical Breast Augmentation

When a woman books a consultation to have her breasts augmented, one of the topics of discussion is where the incisions will be made. The patient will have some say in this decision, but the cosmetic surgeon will also suggest which incision location will be best based on a number of factors. It's common for these incisions to be directly below the breasts, allowing the surgeon to place the implants with ease, but this isn't the only location. You may want to inquire about transumbilical breast augmentation—a process in which the incision is made into your belly button—to determine if it might be right for you. Here are some reasons to choose this method.

Less Visible Scarring

The scars from the incisions following breast augmentation surgery will fade over time but won't always completely disappear. For example, the scars beneath your breasts will get lighter and softer as the months and years progress, but you and your partner may still be aware of them. If you're looking for a method of breast augmentation with minimal scarring, transumbilical augmentation is arguably your best approach. Because the incision is in your belly button, it's nearly invisible soon after the procedure—and extremely difficult to identify after it has healed.

Easier Recovery

The fact that the incision is smaller during transumbilical breast augmention—and also that there's just one incision, rather than two of them—makes for an easier recovery process. The incisions below your breasts, should you opt for that method, can each be several inches in length. This can mean that there's a larger area that will be sore and uncomfortable as the incisions heal. The tiny size of the incision when you get transumbilical breast augmentation contributes to a better recovery process for you.

No Need For Special Garments

When you have your breasts augmented with incisions directly below the breasts, you'll commonly need to buy and wear special undergarments during the recovery process. For example, the placement of the incisions can be problematic if you wear underwire bras, so you'll have to go shopping for bras that don't dig into your body in this way. This isn't a concern when you decide to have transumbilical breast augmentation. Because the incision isn't under your breasts, you can safely wear any style of bra without it causing you to experience discomfort. If you have a breast augmentation consultation scheduled, be sure to inquire about transumbilical augmentation.

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