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Why Laser Hair Removal Is Done In Multiple Treatments

Laser hair removal is surely one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted hair. In comparison to other hair removal methods, the results simply last longer. However, many people wonder why so many treatments are often needed to nuke hair once and for all. Read on to discover why your dermatologist is recommending multiple hair removal laser treatments.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Unlike other methods that damage the hair that you currently have, laser hair removal uses the hair like a path it can follow. It sends the laser light down through the hair to the follicle, finally obliterating the follicle at the base. This is why laser hair removal is low on the pain scale in comparison to other hair removal methods. However, this also means that if you're lacking a hair, the laser can't reach the follicle and destroy it the way it should.

Hair Growth Cycle

If you've allowed your hair to grow out like most dermatologists recommend prior to be treating, you may be wondering what the point of multiple treatments is. This is where the hair growth cycle comes in.

Hair grows in cycles. This is why when you have a hair fall out of your head, you don't simultaneously lose all of your other hair. Instead, the hair follicles take turns losing their hair. This happens naturally when a hair reaches it maximum growth length. Regardless of whether you're currently shaving, waxing, or using another method to get rid of your hair, chances are some hairs have just fallen out and aren't available for the laser light to reach their follicles.

Your dermatologist wants to come back to ensure that all of these hairs are targeted. Some time may be required before the hair becomes long enough for the laser to use it effectively, so you shouldn't have to make a second visit for a treatment until several weeks have passed.

What To Expect

Laser hair removal treatments are pretty easy for the people undergoing them. You will most likely feel a gentle snapping sensation, like a rubber band bouncing back, but nothing more. This is the energy of the laser striking the hair follicle, not the skin above it. The surface of your skin will be undamaged by the laser light and you can return to your normal activities immediately.

When you'll be asked to return is up to your dermatologist. They will analyze your hair and determine your growth cycle so you can return at a good time after more hair has grown in.

Rest assured that needing multiple treatments doesn't mean that laser hair removal is ineffective. Once all of your hairs have been targeted by the laser, chances are removing hair will become a thought of the past that you never have to revisit. The few repeat trips are worth never having to worry about hair removal again, so contact a dermatologist if you're looking for a permanent hair removal solution.

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