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Four Benefits Of Undergoing Fibroid Surgery Alongside A Tummy Tuck

Fibroids are a type of benign uterine growth that affect many women. Although some of these growths may stay small or painless forever, others quickly become swollen and irritated, and they may make cosmetic procedures like tummy tucks less successful. Many women who choose to undergo either fibroid removal surgery or a tummy tuck also opt to undergo the other procedure at the same time. These are four benefits to having your fibroids removed at the same time you have your belly flattened.  

Improving Cosmetic Results

Large fibroids push against your abdominal muscles from the inside, causing them to bulge outwards. This can make it more difficult to complete a tummy tuck surgery, which involves tightening those same muscles. You may also notice odd-looking lumps on your stomach after your surgery, as the fibroid bulges become more prominent. All of this can be avoided simply by removing the fibroids prior to the tummy tuck. 

Benefitting From Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies usually do not cover cosmetic surgery under normal circumstances. Pairing a tummy tuck with a more frequently covered fibroid removal surgery, however, may save you some expenses for your hospital stay and anesthesia. Check with your insurance company to see what you can and cannot get covered under your plan, and make sure your gynecologist and your cosmetic surgeon are both willing to perform the surgery together and are within your network. 

Minimizing the Risk of Anesthesia and Surgery

As safe as modern medical technology has become, you still run a small risk every time you go under general anesthesia. One 2009 study found that, on average, complications from anesthesia contribute to an estimated 281 deaths every year. Similarly, every surgery carries with it the small chance of accidents. By only undergoing a single surgery, you can reduce your odds of experiencing side-effects from the anesthesia or surgical error and minimize the amount of time you need to spend unconscious or feeling groggy. 

Recovering From a Single Surgery

Similarly, any hospital stay is going to expose you to strange germs, no matter how often the surfaces and sheets are cleaned. One of the primary concerns after surgery is infection, so the less time you spend in recovery, the less likely you are to develop a costly and time-consuming complication. Considering the many benefits of completing these two procedures during the same surgery, it can't hurt to talk to your gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon about the option of a joint operation. Call your local offices to begin assessing your eligibility as quickly as possible. 

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