Looking Like Myself Again

Botox vs. Dermal Fillers: Which Is Right for You?

If you are starting to feel like you may be able to benefit from some form of a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, you may wonder which type would work best for you. Two of the most common small procedures that can make a big difference are Botox and dermal fillers. While both of these procedures can impact your look, they each do so in a different way. In an effort to help you figure out which service is right for you, here are a few details of each. Read More 

A Few Surprising Things You May Not Be Aware Of Regarding Botox

Most people have heard about Botox. And the common perception that many have about this injectable is that it is designed for older women who are battling static wrinkles on their faces that have come about due to sun exposure, aging, smoking, and so on. But while this is a common use of Botox, you could be surprised to learn that Botox is just as viable for individuals who are in their twenties. Read More 

What To Know About Your Upcoming Mohs Surgery Experience

It can be devasting to find out that you have skin cancer. But you might not be aware of all the ways medical science has available to deal with that and other issues. When your skin cancer is a certain type and in more visible areas of your body, your dermatologist has a unique method of taking care of the problem that is efficient and leaves behind hardly any signs of the surgery. Read More 

Hair Restoration Procedures and Considerations

Genetics play a role in pattern baldness and some men may notice thinning hair in their thirties. A hair transplant involves removing hair follicles and a graft of skin from one part of the head, face, or body and transplanting it to areas where hair is thin. If hair loss has affected your confidence level, consider which type of transplant will provide you with the results desired and prepare for the procedure. Read More 

Should You Choose A Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Is breast augmentation right for you? If you're not sure whether to schedule a consultation, take a look at the questions to ask right now. Are You Healthy Enough for An Augmentation? Your health is a top priority. If the surgeon doesn't feel you're healthy enough for the procedure, they won't perform the surgery. As an elective procedure, augmentation is an invasive surgery that isn't necessary for your overall health. This means you may need to make changes or wait to schedule the surgery if the doctor believes you're at risk for complications. Read More 

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Looking Like Myself Again

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